Mechanical chain

Mechanical Conveyor Chain
Min. Order: 100 Meters
Port: Shanghai, China
Production Capacity: 100000items/Year
Payment Conditions: L/C, T/T
Standard or Nonstandard: Standard
Software: Textile Machinery, Garment Machinery, Conveyer Apparatus, Packaging Machinery, Electric Cars, Motorcycle, Meals Machinery, Marine, Mining Gear, Agricultural Machinery, Car
Surface Treatment: Polishing
Structure: Roller Chain
Material: Alloy
Type: Short Pitch Chain
50 Years and 100 Years:
-50 years of chain manufacturing experience since 1970;
-determined to be a centurial enterprise;
1000 Staff and 300 Technicians:
-out of 1000 personnel, 300 are highly experienced technicians, engineers;
200,000Square meters:
-manufacturing Bottom for chains;
40,000 Sq . meters:
-manufacturing Bottom for bearings;
10 Industries and 8000 Models:
-Chains we supply cover a lot more than 10 big industries and a lot more than 8000 different models;
8 standards:
-participated in compilation of 8 Chain Standards: 1 international standard, 2 nationwide standards, and 5 industrial standards;
100 Patents:
-more than 100 patents;
-won a huge selection of Glorious Awards from our esteemed clients, condition and local governments, and different Chain Associations;
2 Handbooks:
-compilation of two directive handbooks of chain tranny industry: Standard Handbook of Chains, and Technology handbook of Chain Transmitting;
3D Anti-magnetic interference and High precision roller chain independently produced by Ever-power, was put on Electron-Positron Collider, an essential national science and technology project; Ever-power was praised by previous Premier Li Peng;
Chains for Rail Method Transportation and Escalators:
Widely applied in metros, airports, stores, and theatres; our market reveal is up to 25% in China; Escalator chains of heavy load not only sold to domestic marketplace, but also exported to Korea, Singapore, Japan, United states and European countries;
Car Parking Chain:
In China, Ever-power was one of the earliest companies that started to develop this kind of chains, our market share of the chain in China takes a dominant position; some essential features of our chains have reached a global level, and Ever-power drafted the nationwide standard of car parking chain in china;
Our chains are exported to Japan and various other developed marketplaces; in china, our chains are supplied to top 10 airport parking facility manufacturers;
Anti-fatigue and High Power Chains:
Ever-power offers provided high tension roller Chains for port vehicles;
And leaf chains were successfully put on many heavy duty hoist equipments ;
Apart from domestic market, these chains are also exported to Germany, United states and Japan, Korea and New Zealand;
Asphalt Chains:
These chains have been supplied to domestic street construction vehicle manufacturers and exported to United states;
Chains for Metallurgy Equipments:
we created chains that may perform against high strength and temperature;
Chains for Oil Field:
Chains we developed possess entered crude essential oil exploitation area: high strength/Anti-fatigue
Chains for Drinking water Treatment Plants:
Low carbon martensite and PH stainless chains for water treatment have been exported to USA; we are also technically prepared for our urban drainage treatment systems;
Agriculture Chains:
The chains we create are exported USA, Germany and other higher level agriculture vehicle manufacturers;
Chains for Paper Industry Equipments:
The chains we developed are now supplied to big household paper production plants, and exported to Finland aswell;
Advantages of Ever-power
1.We provide about 10 group of chains including a lot more than 8000 models; Ever-power is sophisticated in providing highly customized solutions;
2,50% of our items are exported to European countries and USA, serving customers of top 5 players of their industries;
3,Development of durable engineering chains, essential oil field chains, durable slot crane chains, metallurgy conveyor chains, ultra-high pressure escalator chains, mining chains, etc;
4,Ever-power designed and developed on-line inspection for automatic assembly lines;
5,We stick to offer solutions for world famous manufacturers; a lot more than 90% of our turnover is certainly from the cooperation with the very best manufacturers of their sector in the world;
6,Nation level Enterprise Technology Center, every year we have a no less than 3% of our annual turnover investment in R&D;
7,We create Standardization Management Committee inside our company… …
OEM Industrial Alloy Steel Transmitting Roller Chain for Mechanical Machinery:
The bucket elevator conveyor roller chain is a chain that is designed specifically for chain conveyor systems. It consists of a number of journal bearings that are kept together by constraining hyperlink plates. Each bearing includes a pin and a bush which the chain roller revolves. Each type of conveyor chain comes in a variety of different pitches. The minimum pitch is certainly dictated by the necessity for sufficient wheel tooth strength and the maximum depends upon plate rigidity. The utmost pitch could be exceeded if the chain is strengthened with bushes between the link plates and there continues to be enough clearance with the wheel tooth.
Conveyor Chain Application:
The conveyor roller chain is utilized for conveying equipment, such as plate chain bucket elevator, stacker reclaimer, inclined conveyor, drag chain conveyor, plate feeder, etc.
Roller Chain Composition:
It consists of 4 parts: chain plate, roller, sleeve, and pin. The chain plate is additional divided into an internal chain plate and an outer chain plate. Two sleeves are inserted into the two internal chain plates (the rollers are installed externally of the sleeves) to form the inner links. After that utilize the pin to link the inner hyperlink and the outer hyperlink, so that the cycle is repeated to create the chain we need.


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