Planetary gearbox

Ever-Power have many years of experience in Planetary Gearboxes, we create very good quality planetary gearboxes with extremely competitive prices. Planetary Gearboxes have been created for different transmission .
The energy is transmitted form the engine to sun gearboxes. The sun gearboxes drives three Planetary Gearboxes, which are included within an internal toothed ring gearboxes. The Planetary Gearboxes are mounted on the planetary carrier. The planetary carrier is usually part output shaft. So when the sun gearboxes rotates, it drives the three Planetary Gearboxes in the ring gearboxes.
As Planetary Gearboxes rotate with bears and automatically the best torque and stiffness for confirmed envelope. The various other significant advantages are basic and efficient lubrication and a balanced system at high speeds. The balanced planetary kinematics and the connected load posting makes the planetary-type gearboxes really perfect for servo applications.
Modular concept, allows us to after particularly short delivery time for gearboxes with a constantly high regular of quality whether your applications requires a reducer for motors, Let our term of engineers work for you.
There are three main parts in a planetary gearbox: the sun gear, the planet gears and the ring gear. The gears are attached to the planet carrier which has teeth inside, which is the ring gear.
Planetary gearboxes can produce many different reduction ratios due to the different planet gears that revolve around sunlight gear. Planetary gearboxes are constructed of heavy duty steel such as steel and are in a position to handle large shock loads well. However, different planetary gearboxes are designed for specific rate, load and torque capacities. The predominant use for planetary gearboxes is definitely in motor vehicles with automatic transmissions. Unlike manual tranny, where the operator is accountable for switching gears, automobiles that have automatic transmissions use clutches, brake bands and planetary gearboxes to change the inputs and outputs, therefore adjusting the speeds appropriately.
An automatic transmission contains two complete planetary gearsets placed together into one element. Planetary gearboxes are also found in electric screwdrivers, sprinklers and applications that require huge or multiple reductions from a concise system. Planetary gearboxes are one of many variations of velocity reducers and it is important that the right mechanism is used. Gearboxes may even be combined to produce the desired outcomes and the most common kinds are helical gear reducers, worm gear reducers and inline gear reducers.
Planetary gearboxes gain their advantages through their design. The sun gear’s central position allows the earth gears to rotate in the same direction and for the band gear (the advantage of the planet carrier) to turn the same manner as the sun gear. In some arrangements the sun gear can simultaneously switch all the planets as they also engage the ring gear. Any of the three components may be the insight, the output or kept stationary, which results in many different reduction ratio options.
In lots of planetary gearboxes one element is held stationary with another element serving as the input and the other as output. The reduction ratios for planetary gearboxes are influenced by the number of tooth in the gears and what components are engaged. Generally, the strain ability and torque raises with the amount of planets in the machine because the load can be distributed among the gears and there is certainly low energy waste materials; planetary gearboxes are highly efficient, averaging between 96 and 98%. The design is complex, however, and difficult to gain access to for repairs or maintenance.
App Of Our Planetary Gearboxes
Construction Machinery
The gearbox is a vital mechanical part for construction machinery. Built to the highest quality standards, our planetary gearheads possess won the reputation and trust of our clients. Our gear products can be used on various construction machines, such as tower cranes, crawler cranes, beam carriers, excavators, graders, concrete mixing vegetation, asphalt pavers, bridge devices, milling machines and additional equipment. They are crucial transmission parts for bridge and road construction machines and all kinds of mining machines.
Wind Turbines
Our planetary gear models are installed in wind generators worldwide including China, Europe, the United States, and India. Our products can handle withstanding cold, heat, thin air, ocean climate and additional harsh natural environments lab tests, which is especially important to applications on wind power generation turbines. We suggest using our NB700L4 series gear swiftness reducer for wind turbines.
Metallurgical Mining Machinery
In the metallurgical industry, a stably and reliably working gearbox can determine whether the whole production line could work properly. Failing of the apparatus set can result in serious consequences. Generally, the gearhead works actually in heavy-duty, high shock load, high or low speed, temperature, high pollution, and other harsh operating environments.
Equipped with high-performance bearings, the gear reducers can meet the demanding requirements of the metallurgical industry. The gearbox can be used on crushing devices, grinding devices, dryers, sand making devices, vibrating feeders, grab steel devices, crawler loaders, and various other metallurgical and mining machines.
Marine Machinery
Marine machines usually just work at -20℃ ~+ 45℃ temperatures, and the gearboxes for them require specific material properties to properly perform their mechanical functions. In addition to marine cranes, our equipment units can also be used on bridge cranes, tire cranes, gantry cranes, belt conveyors, unloading machines, palletizing machines, marine windlass, boarding bridges, offshore cranes, and additional shipboard equipment.
Solar Power Generation Equipment
There are significant environmental advantages to solar energy use. Most of our planetary reducers can be utilized for equipment used in solar power vegetation, such as solar trackers, solar tracker slewing drives, and solar battery panels. We suggest using our NB300L4, NB301L4, NB303L4, and NB305L4 gearboxes for solar powered energy plants.
Agricultural Machinery
Today, farming is basically mechanized and in some instances automated. Large tractors, electric motor graders, combines, rolling devices, and irrigation devices are commonly involved with farm work. A variety of our equipment drives are suitable for installation in these huge machines.
We can offer high-quality gearboxes for huge agricultural machinery. Our power transmitting products are standardized, serialized, with reliable performance. We’ve a variety of models available for clients to select. If you need to customize specific gear products, we can provide items tailored to your specifications.
Oilfield Equipment
Petroleum exploitation involves the usage of oil rigs, pumping products, essential oil well logging winches and various other equipment. In addition to moderate climates for coal and oil drilling, these machines are also used in harsh conditions such as for example deserts, rocky areas, marshes, shoals, oceans and areas with severely winter. These environmental circumstances require the gear speed reducer to manage to heavy-duty procedure. Our gearboxes are experienced for use in petroleum exploitation no matter the condition.
Cement Machinery
The technological progress to make gear units should concentrate on high efficiency, low energy consumption, low pollution and further enhancement of operational reliability and life extension. Our planetary gearboxes are equipped with bearings with high load capacity, in order to meet your special requirement for applications in cement industry.


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