planetary track drive

efficiency and compact Planetary Track Drive design
high pressure technology escalates the efficiency of the hydraulic system
single or Dual quickness motors with built-in counterbalance valve and relief valves
hydraulic brake directly applied on the motor
automatic speed change available upon request
wet disk brake patented technology
lower working temperature, higher system efficiency
working temperature range – 40°C / + 110°C
Reliability and Durability
low displacement, ruthless motors for longer life of critical parts and increased sturdiness of the whole system
complete Bronze cylinder sleeves on rotating block
bimetallic (Bronze/Steel) distribution plate
rotary group with differential springtime system which increases electric motor life
gearbox primary seal with triple seal program: mechanical labyrinth, v-ring seal, main oil seal
main seal very easily replaceable without gearbox disassembly
gearbox main bearing manufactured from an individual part, easily replaceable, completely supplied with pre-set load

Besides excavators, the PMCI drives with higher reduction ratios can be utilized on a number of applications: travel drives for mobile crawler cranes, crushers, platform boom-lifts, soil compactors, pavers, etc. Because of the small and effective style that integrates electric motor and planetary gearbox on the PMCI models, the utilization of expensive fully adjustable motors can frequently be avoided.

Input power (max) 71 kW (95 hp)
Input speed (max) 2800 rpm2
Output torque (intermittent) 33,895 Nm (25,000 lb-ft)
Output torque (continuous) 18,710 Nm (13,800 lb-ft)
1 Actual ratio would depend on the drive configuration.
2 Max input speed related to ratio and max result speed
3 Max radial load positioned at optimum load position
4 Weight varies with configuration and ratio selected
5 Requires tapered roller planet bearings (not available with all ratios)
General data
Approximate dry weight 215 – 263 kg (475 – 580 lb)4
Radial load (max) 28,570 kg (63,000 lb)3
Drive type Speed reducer
Hydraulic electric motor input SAE C or D

Product features include:
Single or two-stage reduction model, with transmissible torques up to 16.0 kNm..
Integrated parking brake.
Wide range of gear reduction ratios.
Manual release system for vehicle quick towing.
Integrated orbital or axial piston motors manufactured by EP.
Preset for semi-integrated commercial engines.
Various mounting dimensions.


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